Subject: RE: Wow!
My Wows are late!

Tofino Rainforest on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island--unbelievable!

The first time, in a zodiac raft, a huge humpback, practically overturned the raft as she gracefully jumped out of the water and did her thing, splashing all of us!

Descending the lower corkscrew Antelope slot canyon, for the first time...

Any time, any where in any of the State and National Redwood parks in California.

Coming down the Moki-Dugway switchbacks, with Valley of the Gods and Monument valley in view.

Monument valley in full moonlight.

Lava Beds National Monument--spelunking for the first time in all these vast caves &Ice caves all alone....

Spying a baby Eagle, in a rainforest on Vancouver Island as we walked toward the natural hot springs for a soak...

Standing at the base of Mt. Whitney ( the highest point in the continental US) and looking down at death valley ( the lowest point in the US), having traveled from one spot to the other in less then 3 hours.

Covered Bridges all throughout Oregon

Cape Perpetua on the magnificent Oregon Coast, at Sunset.

The back road to Hana, with all its hidden waterfalls and complete lack of tourists..

Seeing Mt Shasta covered in snow...

Snorkeling at Napili Bay and having a humpback casually surface within feet of (frozen scared) me!

This is a *short* list!!!

Best, Amelia Hesson Los Angeles