Subject: RE: Niagara-on-the-Lake

This reminds me of our first trip to Toronto. I was determined to see Niagara-on-the-Lake and the Falls. My husband was equally determined NOT to see it. Well, he gave in grudgingly, but tried to get a look at the Falls without actually going there. He didn't succeed.

We arrived, parked, and looked at the Falls. Even though there's a lot of tacky touristy things there, they simply cannot stop the magnificence and power of the Falls. Toured a winery and had lunch there and it was a wonderful day that he will never regret.

I almost made a similar mistake in London. I was drug kicking and screaming to Harrods. I thought why go to a snooty English Department store when we have plenty of snooty stores at home that I don't want to go to either. I was so wrong! Best run department store I've ever seen. Happened to hit the semi-annual sale. While to store was crowded, absolutely no problem getting extremely knowledgeable and polite salespeople. Ok... another WOW... the Food Court there!

Chris in Pearland, TX