Subject: Kitchen gadgets and other kind of shopping in Italy
Hi Ziners, I am finishing with the bits and pieces of our coming italian vacation, probably the funniest part of the planning (finding the right flight at the right place, and trying to book the hotels where we wanted was harder), and I have a question coming up.

Years ago, in a box of Barilla spaghetti, we got a small plastic sheet with holes in it. Each hole served to calculate how much spaghetti to cook (1 person, 2, 3, 4 ...). My mum found it very useful, because she always cooks much more than itīs needed, and it is a pity. As it always happens with the helpful things, it disappeared suddenly, and we havenīt found it again. So, for this coming trip, mum wants to go to some kitchen utensils shop, and look for the sheet or whatever itīs the name of it. So # if any of the Ziners have a favourite, big, interesting kitchen shop either in Rome or in Florence, it would be great.

Also, I would like to know if you have found anything interesting, quirky that you have bought, brought home and discovered that actually, you can use it and it does bring good memories of past holidays. That might give us more ideas (apart of hitting every handbag- and shoe-shops, and all the bookshops that I could put my feet in).

And not talking about kitchen tools, any good music shop in Rome and Florence? I am trying not to bring my brother another Juventus or Ferrari hat, and I was thinking that a CD could be a good idea. The only thing I need to learn is the current italian Top-40 and find something that could suit him (the most difficult part, he always surprises me).

Thanks, and kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)