Subject: Your best tip from the Zine?
Hi Ziners,

I was happy to read Lou's message thanking all the Ziners for their wonderful input. It made me wonder: what is the absolute best tip you ever garnered from TheTravelzine? I can think of one immediately:

Linda really made a believer out of me in the packing light department. The packing takes a little longer, but I don't think I will ever again travel with anything more than a rolling carry-on bag. We did sixteen days in Italy that way, and also our week in Paris.

The best thing about this was that on both trips, the first leg of our outbound journey, connecting to our trans-Atlantic flights, was very late. We were able, in both cases, to grab those carry-ons and make a mad dash for the flights to Europe. I honestly don't think that checked baggage would have made it on to the same flight. We check our bags coming home, because they are loaded with our little purchases, but not on the way over. Thanks Linda!

My other all time favorite tip: Andrew McGarrel, I am forever in your debt for

As the parent of a kid in college in New York, what I learned on this site helped me navigate the Priceline intricacies, and score excellent four star hotel rooms in New York for less than 100USD on three occasions. Thanks Andrew!

I would love to hear about your best Zine tips, Ciao, Debbie