Subject: RE: Atlantic Canada -- Cabot Trail

If you're just driving the Cabot Trail, staying in Baddeck is really easy. It's one long day's drive around the Trail. But if you want to do any dawdling or hiking along the Trail, Pat's idea of splitting up your stays makes more sense. In any case, you certainly won't be disappointed. There are great day hikes all over the north end of the island, in fact, everywhere on the island!

I loved our modest little B &B in Baddeck, The Worn Doorstep, because it was so convenient to walk down the street into town &easy access to the main roads around the island.

We'll be back again in October for Celtic Colours music festival &I can hardly wait. The night we heard Alyth MacDonald at Louisburg chapel 2 years ago in a driving rainstorm is one of my WOW's.

Gail In Eugene but never for long