Subject: Re: Hotel near Villa Barbaro
Dear Joy:

We really enjoyed our half-day in Bassano del Grappa, a few years back. Not only do they have a wonderful museum devoted to the creation of that intoxicating elixir - Grappa, but it is also the center for the ceramic artisans of Italy. This means a superior museum on the development and art of ceramics - and all it's complex forms, but also, many of the instructors and successful students have opened up their own shops to sell their outstanding works. (We won't dwell on the awesome wooden bridge designed by Italy's most outstanding architect!) We wished that we had more time to explore the town and hunt for bargains. One unexpected find was a wonderful pastaticarie (please forgive the horrible attempt at spelling - but a shop specializing in pasta - fresh and dried) which we hunted down from either a Gourmet's Guide to Italy or Faith Willinger's book. We would strongly advocate Bassano del Grappa as a stopover.

Roy, Wanda and Dena Faires Sacramento, CA