Subject: RE: Chicago GTG anyone?
Here is my best suggestion for a Chicago GTG on my boat.

Saturday, July 20, 2002 is the start of the Chicago to Mackinac sailboat race. There are about 300 boats from around the world that participate in this race. Yes, around the world. There are a couple of the big guys who fly their boats in. The starting gun for the small boats is, I think noon, and they start in groups at varying intervals thereafter into the middle of the afternoon. It is a magnificent sight. Often the winds are right for the spinnakers, which are the brightly colored sails that balloon out to the front. We could take our picnic out onto the lake and watch the boats and talk about travel! If it works, the store Cat works for is reputed to be a really neat place and would be a great place to get our picnic from.

Sandy, Joel, Shirley, Gail, anyone else? How about Saturday, July 20. Worst case scenario, if the weather is not conducive, we will have to find a restaurant.

Lisa in Chicago