Subject: Introduction - New Members in California
Forwarded by Moderator - Welcome Pat and Brian!


My husband and I are retired college teachers. He is still teaching Emeritus, online classes, so he can take his laptop when we travel and continue teaching from anywhere he can get a phone connection. We also raise Cairn Terriers, and often our travel is connected with dog activities (going to Crufts, other dogs shows, visiting breeders, etc.)

Most of our travel has been in the U.K. We lived there for 2 1/2 years while Brian was still teaching full time. He was academic administrator for the Semester Abroad program at his college, which was always taught in London. We did take one first trip to Europe, which included Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the U.K., but since then, other than spending Christmas in Paris one year, we have stayed with the U.K., and have put many thousand of miles on our cars, travelling everywhere. We always had an automobile when we lived in London, and had ample vacation time to indulge in going to gardens, stately homes, villages, anywhere we wanted.

What else? Well, we are both over 65, we live in Orinda, in the San Francisco Bay area in California, U.S.A., have 4 grown sons and 4 grandchildren, plus a housefull of dogs. My interests in travel usually include art and architecture, Brian's includes theatre. We always go to the theatre every night we are in London, and love to eat dinner in a good restaurant near the theatre before the show. We try to travel to London 3 times a year for a stay of at least 10 days, so we can see as much as possible of the theatre.

Best regards,

Pat McKinney Orinda, CA, USA