Subject: WOW! Two New Moderators
Dear Ziners,

We are very pleased to present the newest additions to our Zine moderating team. Sally McCann and Mark May will assist us in providing you with the 24/7 support we know you enjoy. Thank you for your public and private messages expressing your enjoyment and appreciation of TheTravelzine. The Zine is evolving into one big, happy family with more of you contributing to the discussion and participating in the get-togethers. What we have is very unique and your messages indicate that you are as excited to be a part of this group as we are. Please join us in welcoming Mark and Sally. Their pix will be posted as soon as possible.

Cheers! Don and Linda and the MOD SQUAD: Covadonga, Debbie, Flavio, Joan, John, Jude, Paolo

MARK: I was born and raised in Oklahoma which is in the center of the US. My traveling began on long family car trips we took every summer. Thanks to that start along with a love of the open countryside, cheap gasoline and several jobs that required a lot of travel, I have now visited 49 out of the 50 United States. Hawaii, here I come! I have a particular fondness for the national parks and the mountains out west even though I live near the ocean in Los Angeles. I am also a big sports fan and make several trips a year to attend out of town games. You might find me investigating the local art, architecture or history as well.

I also had the good fortune while in college to study overseas in an English manor house a short distance from London. Both those few months and the subsequent Eurail trip across Europe were adventures that showed me some of the wonders that the world had to offer. I wanted more. I have been back to Europe at least a dozen times since including brief tours of duty in London and Paris for work.

Favorite places and memories? There are too many to list in this short space. The sights and sounds and the people I met along the way have sure left their mark on me. But I still have a lot left to do. I think I will have to keep moving on.

Best regards, Mark

SALLY: I live in the lovely county of Somerset in southwest England. I'm married to Dave and we have 3 daughters, Kate, Lucy and Alice aged 21,17 and 14. I started travelling in 1968 when I went to Milan as an au pair. The following year I hitch-hiked around Europe for 4 or 5 months getting some work in a travel agency in Rome (my speciality was helping Americans who'd missed their tour buses!) and a youth hostel on Corfu.

In 1971-72 I worked in Moscow as a nanny with the British Embassy. During my time there I travelled with friends to Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan and Leningrad. This was a fascinating time as the USSR was virtually still a closed area and there was little tourism.

I've been to France many times and have travelled to Greece, Tunisia, Kenya and California over the past 5 years. As the children are now older Dave and I are able to take short trips to European cities and we have recently visited Prague, Barcelona, Venice, Dublin and Paris. I just love travelling and start planning the next trip before the suitcases are unpacked!

I think TheTravelzine is a superb group and I'm delighted to be a part of it.

Cheers! Sally