Subject: Re: One day in Amsterdam
Hi Frances,

Many people avoid staying in Amsterdam and I don't understand why. So far, we have spent 5 nights there and are planning for 3 more on our next trip, which sadly is not yet scheduled. We could spend an entire day just wandering along the canals. There are many wonderful museums - from the well known to the downright strange. If I knew more about your interests, I might be able to make better suggestions.

No matter what you end up doing, I expect you will have a wonderful time.

Enjoy! Janet Riverview, FL

>I have been looking at guidebooks and websites but I thought I would
>ask your advice.

>I plan to daytrip to Amsterdam from Haarlem (about 15 minutes away).
>What would be the perfect 1 day introduction to Amsterdam? I have
>never been there before so I would like to get an overview but also
>see anything important and evocative.