Subject: Re: One day in Amsterdam
Hi Frances,

Just to add my 2 Euro cents to the discussion. I would definitely agree with those who suggest a canal trip. It may be cliched, but there is no better way to see the city quickly. This is Amsterdam as you have seen in it in the tourist brochures, and it is surprisingly extensive. Also - if it is raining, then you get to see everything undercover!

The major museums are all worth seeing - I guess just pick one or two so you don't get museum fatigue. But you will probably find that if you do the canal trip earlyish you will have an idea of which areas you want to return to for an explore.

Don't dismiss the Red Light district. Apart from it being almost indistinguishable from the rest of Amsterdam during the day, it is interesting, and sad, to take a look. But, like I said, during the day it is just like everywhere else with some good streetside cafes.

Amsterdam is nothing if not an assault on the senses, with both tremendous highs and depressing lows. But a full day there will undoubtedly give you a good insight into the city (once you have dodged all the other visitors doing the same ;-) )

Have fun!


Jonathan Turton