Subject: Re: Have you driven in the UK?

It is true that motorway driving is a quick lesson in driving on the correct side of the road, but it can also be a bit scary depending on time of day and weight of traffic. This is especially true on some of the really major motorways (I guess you would be taking the M4 / M5 down to the west country). In light conditions they are easy, but as traffic increases they are not for the faint hearted - or slightly weary driver.

I think you might actually be better on smaller roads - obviously there are time factors here too. The m/ways will certainly get you places quicker. But if you plan a route that avoids large towns it is very easy. Small towns are straightforward, just take it slow.

It might be worth having a flick through the Highway Code It will help you understand some of the vagaries of the British road system (such as yellow-box junctions), and is generally a good idea to peruse.

Not sure if this has really been much help! Best advice, take it nice and steady and if you are on smaller roads and driving slowly either to take in the view or because you are not sure where you are going, then pull over to the side and let the traffic behind you go past. Eases the pressure!


Jonathan Turton