Subject: UK GTG
Hi Richard, Sally, Debbie - and anyone else to whom this might apply, Will be delighted to work on the possibility of a GTG in England in September.

I won't have final dates for a while yet but alas, think that Debbie and I will miss each other by a few days, as she needs to leave England just before I can escape from Australia. (No causal connection, I'm sure!) We can't leave Australia before 14 September at the earliest and then expect to be in Warwick and perhaps Bath, in the week beginning 16 September, for business commitments. For those locations, we sometimes stay in Oxford for a couple of nights - and sometimes a night or two in Cheltenham. I'm sure that sounds crazy to anyone who knows the geography but we have friends in both places, also connected with the business agenda, so it makes more sense than would first appear.

We then have a conference in Paris, 22-25 September, so our planning will be around those dates. Unless you are in England a little earlier than your Chipping Camden dates, Richard, we may just be out of luck with you also but things change, so we won't write it off just yet. Chipping Camden is certainly very do-able from Oxford. (And then again, NZ to Melbourne is just a few hours. Come on over! We'll have a GTG here.) Will let you all know when we have firm dates - or, as is more usual for us - firmish dates. Firm dates are usually applicable only when we are in the cab on the way to the airport! Cheers to all, Joan Melbourne, Australia