Subject: Re: Tourists vs. Travelers
Hello Ziners,

Thank you, Jonathan, for post and putting this topic in perspective. There was a similar thread quite some time ago. Then, as now, I stated that so many of us have different travel requirements, desires, economics, etc. While someone's travel style may be quite different from ours, I would be reluctant to deem one better or smarter than the other. I would like to think that those who venture out of their part of the world will be open and curious and excited about other cultures and experiences. As world travel becomes more accessible, let's encourage people to continue the adventure whichever way they can.

best, vanessa cutchogue, ny

> However, we should remember that there are very many people in our
> nice developed world who still lack the money or confidence to branch
> out, and stick to obvious tourist destinations. This does not make
> them less sensitive to where they are, nor does it automatically make
> them rude or self-serving.