Subject: Re: Have you driven in the UK?
Dear Marge,

We have rented a car in the UK twice. My husband loves to drive, and he loves driving challenges. Also, he is a good driver. He enjoys driving there, and we are renting a car for this August/Sept, but he does say that it requires some concentration. We picked up a good tip from Rick Steves: go around each roundabout once to figure out which turn is yours, then go around again to make your turn. Works like a charm and saved us a lot of aggravation and many driver-navigator disagreements. ;-)

But, would I personally drive there? No. I'm not a good driver and I don't like to drive. It would be an unpleasant challenge for me, I think. So, if you're a good driver and you don't mind a driving challenge, go for it. The scenery is great, and the ability to move at our own pace is a huge plus for us.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh