Subject: Re: Kitchen gadgets and other kind of shopping in Italy
Dear Covadonga, If you get to Rome, go to the Jewish Ghetto. Across the street from Giagetto Restaurant ( I recommend the carciofi) and near the synagoug, on the corner, you will find a fabulous kitchen and dinnerware store. I can not remember the name of it, but you walk down a couple of stairs to get in. This store is huge so allow time for browsing. They have a range of wares (including Alessi) in all prices. Beware, they close in the afternoon, so time your trip accordingly.

One of the best gadgets from Italy that I like alot, is a small handheld battery powered milk frother/ foamer to top your espresso for cappacino's. It really works.

Let us know if you find the store and pls. note the address and phone number. Rebbi Providence R.I. USA