Subject: Re: UK GTG
Hi Joan,

(You wrote) Unless you are in England a little earlier than your Chipping Camden dates, Richard, we may just be out of luck with you also but things change, so we won't write it off just yet. Chipping Camden is certainly very do-able from Oxford.

We are indeed in England earlier, but unfortunately it appears that our paths may not cross, but I will post our complete itinerary, just in case. We fly into London on the 1 September, pick up a rental and drive to the small town of Cranbrook, in the county of Kent, just south of Sissinghurst Gardens. Cranbrook - 5 days from September 1 to the 5. Hintlesham(Suffolk) - 3 days from 6 to the 8 York - 4 days from 9 to the 12 Keswick(Cumbria) - 4 days from 13 to the 16 Beddgelert(North Wales) - 5 days from 17 to the 21 Chipping Campden - 3 days from 22 to the 24 Bradford-on-Avon - 3 days from 25 to the 27 Lulworth(Dorset) - 2 days on the 28 and 29 Devon - 5 days from 30 September to the 4 October Cornwall - 5 days from 5 to the 9. We fly out from London on the 10 October.

>(And then again, NZ to Melbourne is just a few hours. Come on over! We'll have a GTG here.)

I have been to your lovely city a few times, albeit a few years ago now, but Rachel and I hope to see Tasmania, some time, and I believe we need to fly to Melbourne first.

Of course, Joan, the reverse is also true, Christchurch is only a little over 3 hours flying time from Melbourne.

Regards, Richard Bloomfield (New Zealand)