Subject: RE: Have you driven in the UK?
Hello Fellow Adventurers:

Since we are in England at least once or more a year I get to drive there often. I think that there are two keys: remember to look right and to use the rear view mirror. Drivers in the US naturally look up to the right; you have to think about looking up to the left. Looking right in a roundabout can be a life saver (or at least avoidance of a dented fender). On my first time driving there, my passengers would always shout look right at a roundabout. Like Pavlov's dogs, I cannot forget those shouts everytime I come to a roundabout.

Another thing to remember is plan ahead. I personally think that European drivers are more courteous and better drivers than their US counterparts. The signage both on the road and to the side is very good in Europe and on the motorways it is difficult to get lost. In England, planning ahead (for turns, exit ramps, etc.) is essential. When we drive, one person merely steers the vehicle (often me) and heavy lifting goes to the navigator whose job it is to let the driver know when to turn, etc.