Subject: RE: Have you driven in the UK?
Here are my UK/Oz driving tips for us leftsiders:

--don't plan to get off a transatlantic flight &drive for 8 hours! I find, even tho I usually experience no jetlag, my concentration just isn't top notch &about 2 hours is all I can manage safely. On a trip a few years ago, it took me 6 hours (!!) to drive from Gatwick to Lockeridge in Wiltshire (the roundabouts in Pewsey were the culprits) &only 45 minutes to make the return trip.

--take along a little sticker or 2 on which you've printed LOOK RIGHT; stick them on the dash as a reminder. One car rental company actually had these on a car I rented. I can't for the life of me recall when or where it was, so I now take a couple stickers with me just in case.

--use an L. AA offices in Britain can provide you with a 8X11 white paper with a big red L on it, designating learner, to be placed in the back window. Sends a message to other drivers! I suppose you could even make one yourself . Alternatively, ask your navigators &passengers to hold up maps & point frantically in several different directions at roundabouts or decision points. UK drivers will give you lots of room as they are very courteous drivers.

--the further north you go, the easier it is. Staying off the major roads is easier too.

--make sure your navigator knows how to read the maps! If you stop in a rural area &ask for help, (& you'll almost always receive it) it's good if you have some idea where on the map you might be.

Gail In Eugene