Subject: RE: GTGs

OK, it's going to have to be more sophisticated than I thought! Ziners are just in too many places, but not at the same time.

First, we could use a Z (like the Zorro Z) to mark trees (maybe with a biodegradable paint of some kind) along our various routes around the world.

Next, we could leave messages for one another about good restaurants on little paper scraps tucked into crooks of the trees so marked.

That way, when racketing down the side roads, we could screech to a stop when spying a discreet Z on a tree & pull out the message or add to it.

Not as hitech as email, but who wants to be either searching for an internet cafe or a plug in for a laptop all the time?

It could even turn into some kind of movie, don't you think?

Gail In Eugene...