Subject: Driving on the left

I live in France, but drive on the other side a few days each month.

Steady, perceptive, driving is the best solution to avoid panic, automatic, and maybe wrong reactions.

As long as you follow the others, you will have no problems on highways, roundabouts, right turns etc.

The thing I still can not easily adjust to is the physical car being on the other side. So I drive too close to the LH edge, don't pull far enough to the centre to turn right, and reversing into a parking space is tricky !

It is actually easier for me to drive in UK with a LHD car.

Just a suggestion to US visitors. Rather than head into the turmoil of Heathrow - London driving, get some practise by renting a car on your next visit to, say, Barbados or one of the other RHD islands. Then you will have only the different traffic conditions to cope with.

Bon chance !

Peter Hornby Languedoc, France