Subject: Driving in U.K.--I disagree with my husband!
Hi Ziners--It's a good thing Bill from Baltimore and I have been married over 40 years; thus we can laugh at each other's disagreements. I just read his Piece of cake posting about driving in the U.K. That's why I'm the navigator---I think driving in the U.K. is nerve-wracking! I remember one time when we had only our bicycles as means of transportation during a month's stay in England---I got stuck in a roundabout and couldn't figure out how to get out. I must have written that silly bicycle round and round and round at least 25 times, utterly panicking, till I got the nerve to try to get out. It didn't help to have Bill over on the side of the exit road laughing! I hope most Ziners have less of a problem that I do, but I still don't think U.K. driving is a piece of cake! Cheers, Pat in Baltimore