Subject: Re: Seattle & Vancouver
Hello Rebbi,

Well hmmmm... October. Could be rainy, could be sunny. Can go either way. Sometimes we get Indian Summers and it stays pretty warm until Mid October.

Must sees: Pike Place Market (touristy.. but fun), A ride on the Monorail to Seattle Center to see the Space Needle, a walk on the waterfront if weather permits, a ride on the Bainbridge Island ferry (only 30 minute ride, but the ride back is spectacular for the skyline view alone, dinner of our fabulous salmon (Ivar's Salmon House, or Anthony's Homeport)

Good luck, have fun, and I've convinced myself to cook salmon tonight for dinner!

Kim , in Seattle WA

Moderator's Note: Rebbi has already decided on Montreal and Quebec City but she is sure to enjoy your comments just the same.