Subject: Re: Near-miss GTG in Trujillo, Spain
Hi Al, in all these small towns, specially in Trujillo, we have learnt to park the car as soon as we find a place and walk everywhere. Driving in such narrow streets can be really stressful.

Last year, during our Greece holidays, we rented cars both in Santorini and Naxos. Santorini was perfect, and so was the first day in Naxos. The second day, we drove south, and near Agia Anna we got stuck in a very, very small village. After half an hour or going around in circles, my mother ordered us to stop. She got down, talked to a shop-owner (she only speaks spanish, and a bit of french, and the lady at the shop could only speak greek, but they did manage), began to walk in front of the car and got us out of the village and on the main road. It was a bit of a nightmare, really.

Im glad you enjoyed your holiday. I hope the weather wasnt too bad down in the south.

Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)

> After wandering fruitlessly around the tiny streets of Trujillo and
> never finding a hotel directional sign, not to mention straining the
> patience of my understanding traveling companion, I missed the chance
> of getting together (that's what GTG means, right?) with a very
> patient and helpful Graziella.