Subject: Re: Italian English

That's not Babelfish, it's true Italian English!

That happens when you study some English at high school, the you forget almost all of it but you still think you can speak it: Then, one day, a friend of yours says Hey, would you help me translating a few phrases for my website? and you take your old dictionary out of the bookshelf, dust it after 10 years, and start translating. You do remember some English, but grammar, syntax and construction are something you have forgotten (if you ever really learned it before!).

The outcome is what you see at that website; it happens at my company too, when eager, well-paid secretaries translate memos into something that only sounds like English. One of our computer programs shows a beautiful no information availables (no, it's not a typing mistake!)

Hope you Ziners will appreciate more the efforts of us Italians at TheTravelzine LOL!

Bye Paolo Trieste, Italy