Subject: Bologna hotels
Hello Sherry, No doubt one of the local Ziners will give you more specific advice but a brief word from me re your Bologna accommodation. My personal preference would be to stay in the historic centre of Bologna. It is a city of such particular character that I like to be in the heart of its activities, within walking distance of its cafes and restaurants and markets, the galleries and central plaza, the churches and other historic sites. As we always stay with friends when in the city, however, I can't recommend an alternative hotel in the centro storico. That said, I have looked at the website of the hotel you have chosen and it does seem interesting. Obviously, it is outside the walls - but the transport links sound as if they should be convenient. While it is in the suburbs, it isn't a huge distance out - especially if you are not accustomed to living in a downtown area. I guess that, for two days, even the trips in and out will be part of the adventure. One drawback is that the shops and public places do close in the middle of the day, and this may be a problem in terms of what you with the family for those hours - other than sampling all the superb Bolognese cuisine, of course. Make sure you include a climb up the Tower in your schedule! Best of luck, Joan