Subject: Hometown - Canberra Australia and trip
G'day Ziners

A dual purpose message - to tell everyone about my home town and to say that we are off to Europe this week.

First, my home town. I live in Canberra which is the Capital of Australia. It is a planned city that was built specifically to be the capital.

It is about 3 hours drive from Sydney. It is a lovely city that is often referred to as the bush capital due to the number of trees and the amount of open space. (Numerous road have signs warning of kangaroos - I can personally testify to the risk of hitting them as you drive around town.)

When we have visitors we take them to the major national monuments (etc) like Parliament House, the War Memorial, the new Museum of Australia and the National Library. We take smaller visitors to Questacon which is an interactive science display. We also go to the various lookouts to admire the beauty of the area.

Canberra is a great place to visit, so if you are coming to Sydney, try and get to Canberra for an overnight stay (there are buses and trains as well as flights or you could hire a car and drive down the freeway). I hope to see some of you.

Secondly, we leave for Europe this week going to France and Italy (with a quick detour through Switzerland). Unfortunately we will not be in the right place at the right time for a GTG.

We are leasing a car through Eurodrive and travelling for about 6 weeks.

As others have said, the Travelzine has been a great source of information and inspiration - keep it up!

I will try to do a travelogue for when we get back.