Subject: Re: Chartres & Versailles
Hi Patti;

We went to Chartres last June, 2001 and had a delightful tour with Malcom Miller, actually got his book autographed by him. The cathedral was well organized for tours by him with ample signs. The day we visited, he had a morning and afternoon tour, which were basically different. There is so much that you could learn (and he could discuss). It was not an organized tour, just show up and pay your Euros (Francs last year), so I doubt that you can reserve. You should try to make both sessions if possible. He did mention that he had returned from a holiday, so he may not always be there, but it seems to be a profitable business for him.

It is really worth the trip. We loved our visit to Versailles, but that was in '97, so I don't know about the storm damage.

Wil Orlando, FL