Subject: re: Versailles

You may not want to cram both Chartres and Versailles into the same day. The reason I say that is that the Versailles gardens and grounds are stunning. I spent all afternoon there several Julys ago. If at all possible, visit Versailles on a Sunday. You can take the RER (I got on at Invalides station) direct to Versailles then walk to the chateau. Take a picnic lunch. Then at 3:30, you can enjoy the Grande Eaux. They turn on many of the fountains (works of art in themselves) and pipe Baroque music through the gardens. You stroll through this lush green tableau with the sound of falling water and violins wafting over you. I expected ladies and gentlemen in powdered wigs and tight fitting gilt-edged dresses and jackets to pass by. It was an incredibly civilized, sublime experience. And one that you might miss if you are rushing to get from Chartres to Versailles or vice versa.

That's just my 2 cent opinion.

Mark Los Angeles