Subject: Re: Best tip from the Zine
Hi Debbie and Other Ziners,

I think one of the best tips I've gotten from the Zine was from you, Debbie, about the Freedom Bag. It has simplified my packing so much, and is so handy. It's the only piece I carry on. Tickets and info in the side pocket, everything else inside including the small amount of jewelry I take, a small billfold with money and minimal credit cards, passport, all my medications and toiletries. Even the security people comment that it's the best organized piece they have seen like that. I just keep it packed with the basics all the time and am ready to go pretty quickly. I pack a small shoulder bag in my checked luggage to use at my destination. Yes, I still check my main suitcase. It will be ever thus. It's not true that you can teach this old dog new tricks.

The other best tip is, I guess, sort of a composite of lots of people's ideas, and that is to go with an open mind, an open heart and soak up every wonderful experience available. Serendipity is a wonderful thing.

Happy travels to all,