Subject: Re: Bologna and Milano, hotels
Hi Sherry,

>I'm not at all sure of a place in Milan. I can't
>figure out from the maps which part of the city would
>be best.

Since I live in Milan I don't have any first hand experience in Hotel in Milan anyway I usually ask for an hotel comment people that have stayed in Milan.

Find attached my (small) data base about hotel impression from other travellers.

About hotel location, the Central station area is not the best area even though you won't get trouble. Anyway any place close by a metro' station is fine to get your train or bus to the airport. Be aware that the trains to Malpensa leave from Cadorna Station (and not the central station!) and the buses leave in front to the central station.

Please contact me privately for any clarification about hotel position in Milan or others specific questions.

Ciao, Marco in Milan - Italy

From: Ira maggio 1999:

HOTEL MENNINI (3 stars) 20124 Milano (MI) - via Torriani 14 tel: 02 6690951 - fax: 02 6693437 Web page:

We enjoyed the Mennini very much and probably will use it again. We had previously stayed at the Ruebens Antares, which is somewhat nicer and had a better breakfast but was not as conveniently located. There are several restaurants nearby the next block, including a pizzeria with outdoor seating that we enjoyed. On the negative side, the park seems to have a large number of drug users at night and there were prostitutes (extremely ugly ones at that). However, one would be foolish to go to the park at night, and the prostitutes were more fun to observe than be offended by. The hotel staffs were very warm and helpful. Our double room was very nice in both size and appearance with good air conditioning. I think the room was 170,000 Lire--it definitely was less than $100 a night for the two of us.

From: Charles Aprile 2001

Hotel London (2 stars) Via Rovello 3 Milano, Italy Tel. + 39 0272020166 Web page:

This hotel is located on a small side street just off the via Dante and only a few blocks from the Duomo area and is a perfect hotel for the average American tourist. The rooms are good size by European standards, clean and well maintained. We stayed in room #8 at the end of hall that was more than ample for 3 people with a full bathroom, toilet and shower. The room rate in April 2001 was 320,000 lit for 3 people ($144.00 USD), no breakfast. The hotel is just 2 blocks from a metro line and is only 4-5 blocks from the train station where the Malpensa Express from the airport arrives. The staff is helpful, knowledgeable and speaks English, Spanish and some German. A few blocks from the hotel is an area with many restaurants with good value.

>From Andrew 2000

HOTEL SPERONARI (1 star) Via Speronari 4, 2023, Milano Phone: 02.86461125

L130,000 (with bathroom and TV). MC, V. This hotel is your basic, simple, clean hotel in a good location. The only gripe we had was the bathroom. Very small! Because this hotel is in a good location, I'd probably stay here, but would ask to see the room first. The hotel is on a small pedestrian street, which has a wine shop and a bakery. The Duomo is just around the corner as well as the underground.

>From Me (I have just checked it) - Nov. 2001

THE BEST HOTEL (2-3 stars ?) Via B Marcello 83 Tel 02.29404757 - Fax 02.201966 (under costruction)

Not far from the central station. Close by the metro station Lima and the shopping area of Corso Buenos Aires. It is not very close to the center (Piazza Duomo - the Cathedral) but still in a walk distance. The rooms are clean with private bathroom, quite large (at least the room that they showed me!) and well fornitured. Breakfast included. Double room about 90-100 Euro