Subject: Packing orgainzers (was:Re: Best tip from the Zine)
Hi Lou,

You wrote that one of your best tips garnered from the Zine was from me (thank you, thank you) about the Freedom Bag. I hate to tell you this, but as much as I loved that thing, I hardly use it since we've changed over to one rolling carry-on. I now use a hanging toiletries organizer which fits into the bag I carry like a purse. I fill it, roll it, and slip it into the shoulder bag along with a book or two and anything that hasn't fit into the rolling bag.

My latest indispensable packing aid is the Eagle Creek folding envelope. Shirts in one, pants in another, socks and underwear in a third, and I know where everything is, and never have to unpack anything at my destinations but the three envelopes! This is heaven!

Wish I was packing, Debbie in Pittsburgh