Subject: Re: Hotels in Paris
Dear David,

For about 110 Euros we very much liked the Hotel du Palais Bourbon, in the 7th. We loved the street, where we ate, shopped, and I got a very nice haircut. The adjective I kept reading for this neighborhood was tony and I would agree. Surrounded by beautiful squares, homes, shops, patisseries, chocolatiers, boulangeries. Please excuse any spelling errors or misuses of French. Invalides is about a block and a half away. The Air France bus from the airport stops within easy walking distance of the hotel. There is also an RER station nearby.

Here is a website:

Our first choices were the Muguet and the Familia, but they were both sold out. We were just going on recommendations, and not personal experience. The previous trip to Paris, we had stayed in the 4th, which I also thought was a lot of fun. The 7th and 4th are very different experiences for a visitor. The former was quiet and chic, the latter bustling and very lively.

The only thing that I didn't like about the Palais Bourbon were the morning croissants. Just average, nothing special. There were better ones all over the neighborhood. But I really did like the coffee delivered to the room at no extra charge. Very civilized.

Hope that helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh