Subject: Re: returned from Spain and Paris
Hi Graciela, Itīs great to hear youīre back and see that you enjoyed your holidays.

> Most unpleasant moment: One dishonest taxi driver in Madrid, ..only
> one, the rest?,,,, they were honest, professional and even
> charming.

About the Madrid taxi drivers... well, if I can recall, out of 10 I have met 2 perfect ones, 3 OK, nothing to write home about, 3 bad and 2 absolutely disastrous.

Once, I had to tell the taxi driver that if he didnīt stop where I had told him, I was going to call the police (thanks God for the mobile phones). It was one oīclock in the morning, I was going to the apartment of a friend who lived near the Hotel Palace, in the Paseo del Prado, and he was trying to drive to the main entrance of the Museo del Prado, just to make more money. I was lucky that the Health Ministry was just down the road and he could see the police guards there standing.

I always think that if, being Spaniard, they behave like that, what do they do with foreigners who donīt speak spanish?

Thatīs something for the SPOOKIEST PLACE or moment thread :)).

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao (Spain)