Subject: Vaux le Vicomte
Hi Ziners, and Paolo:

I've visited Vaux twice and can heartily recommend it. Some people think it is the most beautiful chateau in France. It was designed and built by the man who designed Versailles (I believe; forget his name). He invited Louis XIV to a grand party when Vaux was finished. Louis was so appalled by the extravagance, he had the owner thrown in jail for stealing from the king's treasury to build it. (I may be a bit off on the history; Ziners, please correct me.)

Vaux is relatively small, and easy to tour in two or three hours. The ground are beautiful. I went one evening last summer when candles were lit in all the windows and along the walkways of the garden. With music playing in the distance, it was a lovely experience.

Bons voyages!

Evan in Paris