Subject: R: Italian Phone Cards
Hey Debbie!

As Marco said, the best way is to get an international pre-paid phone card. BTW, those available at newsstands or tobacconists are usually those with the highest rates, while the cheapest are available in some little phone center. I know plenty of them in Rome, but I am sure a city in the North also has that kind of places. They are the places where most of immigrants call home, and have the most competitive rates.

For calls within Italy, she can either use the normal pre-paid card for the Telecom Italia pay phones, or the home phone if she'll have one. BTW, it will often be necessary to call to a mobile phone (the only way to call people sometimes!) and it's expensive to use payphones for that... sometimes it may be cheaper to buy a mobile phone and sell it before flying home... again, I know plenty of places in Rome and I don't know how that works in other cities.

Ciao Flavio in Rome