Subject: Vaux le Vicompte
Hi, We visit Vaux only last Saturday, spending most of the day there, it was one of the two days per month that the jeux d'eau are opened and it was a lovely experience.

The visit to the Chateau and gardens is memorable , jet d'eaux or not. Each room has beautiful furniture and many magnificent paintings and sculpture , the kitchens are also for visiting. It is the whole of this master piece, with its innovative coupola that I found so fascinating to visit. For a small fee visitors can go all the way up.

We took a train to Melun from Gare d' Orleans and then a taxi, which is about 15 + francs on a Saturday. The dame at the boutique will call a taxi to pick you up when you are through. This time it was not necessary because we shared one back with a lady from New-YOrk.

We had also a good lunch in the chateau's restaurant, cafeteria style but very pleasant. We had two plat du jour, pork roti with delicious vegetables and yellow rice, one cheese each, a good reserve 1/2 lt of red wine, and an Evian. Bread.Cafe and I think it was less than 30 eu for both.

We rented some kind of a golf cart, with a little roof, to move around , far and up in the huge garden to see the jeux d'eau from all angles, at it was 13 eu for 45'. There are only a few and they go fast.

There is a bookstore inside the chateau where we bought some interesting history books and also a huge boutique near the entrance building.Plus one thing that is not that common: there are toilettes in several places, and no charge either.

There is also a carriage museum.

I believe that tickets for over 60 were 8 euros.

I think this a wonderful trip out of Paris..... Why didn't we go before? I have no answer for that.

Another wonderful visit a little out of the center of Paris which I have done many times but this time found even better was : St Denis.

To be reached by metro, St Denis is fascinating both for being the birth of Gothic under Suger and for being a church where most kings and queens of France are buried .... the church is really beautiful.

We took a visit guidee in French which was more a lecture to be given in the University that a visit. He spent easily 20 minutes before a Maquette, finally I had to abandon him because I could not hold myself anymore and wished to star looking at the real McCoy.

Apparently the whole St Denis has been cleaned etc for the Soccer World Cup.After all soccer has some good side effects...

Graziella Miami Beach