Subject: NEWS Mod Squad is a WOW!
Hi Ziners,

As promised, we have added Sally and Mark's pix to the Zine mods page on our site. We know from your mail that you agree that we have a fabulous team whose dedication to our group is, well, WOW!

All of us are working together on a couple of projects which will make the Zine an even better resource than it has been.

We'd like to remind you that the removal of non-posting members' subscriptions is an ongoing project. If you are not sure whether this means you, chances are it's time you participated again.

For those of you who use an email program other than the one supplied by AOL, please be sure to use only PLAIN TEXT for your messages to TheTravelzine. This will help us to process your messages in the most timely fashion as your messages will conform to our group settings on Yahoo.

Cheers! Don and Linda