Subject: B&B help?
Hi all - We have canceled our yearly trip to the Greek Isles (back problms - me) and will be going up the Maine coast for 10 days as we haven't done this in a few years. We plan to visit a friend overnight in Portland and then mosy up through Camden, Blue Hill and on up to Bar Harbor for a week - Then, we will try to go on above Eastport into Canada and return to Grand Manan Island (small, intimate with lovely corniche walks and a very slow pace) until we have to return home.

I have two questions for all of you worldly travelers out there.

l. I was told that if you arrive at a B&B after 4pm, you can ask for what is known as a walk-in rate. This is supposedly quite a deep discount off of the regular rate. I have never heard of such a thing - as we just pay whatever the rate is after we see a room we like. Does anyone know anything about this???

2. If anyone knows any terrific B&B's, restaurants or bars or bakeries or other goodies that are special along this route, please pass them on!!! We haven't been here is quite a long time and everything changes!!! (We will detour for really special places!!!)

Thanks to you all in advance, Susie Newton, MA