Subject: Re: B&B help?
Hi Susie,

In my near-obsession with all things related to food, and my sleepless nights watching taped episodes of obscure Food TV shows, I saw a show about a place that might be on your route.

It's a place called Red's in Wiscasset, Maine, which is purported to have the best lobster rolls and onion rings in Christendom. It's just a little shack but the food looks great! The town is on Hwy 1 about half-way between Brunswick and Rockland.

I have no first- (or even second-) hand experience with this place. I've been trying to get my cousin to stop there on one of her weekly summer trips to her place at Bar Harbor, but she for some reason feels that a two hour detour just to check out a lobster roll for me is excessive. Of course you Northeasters, who can get cheap lobster anytime you want it, don't understand what the 25 years of withdrawal for this ex-Bostonian has been like. (I don't care what anybody says, Dungeneous Crab ain't as good!)

But...I'm raving again. If you happen to get a chance to check out this place, let me know how it is. If it's really good, I'll drive up there the next time I'm in Boston.

Regards, Al Sonoma, CA, USA