Subject: Re: Packing organizers (was:Best tip from the Zine)
Hi Debbie,

I remember your saying you had changed over; however, mine works so well for me I can't imagine traveling without it. I have to carry many medications also, with my osteoporosis and arthritis (sound like a stretcher case, don't I?) I got so I just sometime couldn't lift a carryon to the overhead, and never should. I always said when I got to where I couldn't look after my own stuff, I'd quit traveling. But now that the time is here, to a degree, I'm not near ready for that. I just thank God for the luggage on wheels. I get a paperback and crosswords or whatever I want to read up on about the trip in the middle of my Freedom Bag, if not in the side pocket. There were even a couple of overseas trips where I was not allowed to take my carryon because the overhead space was filled, and I had to hold several zippered bags in my lap. This way I know I'm guarded from that. And, I will never get it down to one carryon, so I may as well take the bigger checked bag.

The envelopes sound great. I checked the web and found some places here that have Eagle Creek. Thanks for the idea. I'm always looking for ways to make it simpler and more convenient.

Have a great day!