Subject: RE: Rule 240
Hello Ziners,

I had a problem with Air Canada a few years ago when they stopped flying to/from Vienna. I was in Europe with a return ticket from Vienna when Air Canada halted service from there. Had I not happened to drop into an Air Canada office in another country I would not have known until I arrived at the airport. The frustrating part of this is they rescheduled me out of Zurich without so much as contacting me (they had a number). It was quite an effort to have them reroute me out of London rather than Zurich. They also wanted to charge me a fee for this which then required heated discussion between myself and the local AC manager.

Something similar happened to a friend returning on an ElAl flight from Israel to Boston. ElAl stopped servicing Boston and would only fly him to New York despite having sold him a Boston ticket. He was on his own from there and he wasn't able to convince them to put him on another carrier from NY to Boston.

I am not sure if this is relevant to Rule 240 but these are foreign airlines that don't seem to be bound by any convention which gives the customer rights in these situations.