Subject: Re: NYC and Niagara Falls
Dear KS

I had a few thoughts concerning your trip to New York.

1. If you can get your hands on a copy of the New York Times Sunday Travel section, there are always several deals for New York hotels on the last two or three pages. If there is not a copy available to you (library? bookstore?) you can send me your snail mail address and I will pop next Sunday's copy in the mail for you.

2. Is it possible to use from where you are? I have been told that it is necessary to use a credit card with a US address, but I've also been told that there are ways around this. If anyone knows, I think the information would be helpful. I have had great luck using Priceline for New York hotels. We have done this three times, getting 4* rooms in Times Square (arguably the best location for tourists) for prices from 85 to 115 USD. Very good prices for New York. The 85 USD bid got us a smallish room at the Hilton, but it was big enough. My parents got a room at the Hilton for 115 on Priceline, and it was a full size room. I guess you take your chances.....

If you decide to use Priceline, please read ALL the information given, because you must pay up front and it is not refundable.

3. Niagara Falls: a great place to visit but just too far from New York City. During the summer, flights between Buffalo (the closest city to Niagara) and New York City can be expensive. Also, getting in and out of New York City to the airports isn't all that easy or all that cheap. For a trip to New York City my suggestion would be to add Niagara on to the beginning or the end of your trip. It is not really day trip material.

There are others here that would know better than I what the driving distance is between Toronto airport and Niagara, but it is probably about two hours. Buffalo is within 30 minutes. That said, Toronto is a much more beautiful and interesting city to visit than Buffalo. If you could lengthen your trip, perhaps you could fly into Toronto, spend a day or two, drive to Niagara and back to Toronto, then fly in to New York.

If you do fly to Buffalo, just go directly to Niagara. Buffalo is not the same type of tourist friendly city as Toronto. We have been to Toronto twice in the last two years and loved it.

I hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh