Subject: RE: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.
Hello Striving to be Lighter Packers:

Jan is off to Europe for a few weeks in June. For areas in which she intends to travel, she photocopied the pages of several guides. From a stack nearly one foot thick, she has reduced the appropriate sections of the guides to less than a quarter inch.

For clothing, we are firm believers in mix and match lightweight items from L.L. Bean, Travelsmith, etc. Sticking with the basics, you can accessorize and create whole new outfits. For me, the blue blazer and pairs of both grey and tan slacks can be ready to fit any occasion. I take two pairs of shoes: one for walking (brown) and another for dress (black). I also like the poly underwear that the travel catalogues sell. It washes and dries overnight.

For just in case items, buy them there.