Subject: Re: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.
Dear Leslie

As a reformed Heavy Packer, I will share some tips with you:

1. I shop for travel. By this I mean that I search out the right clothes, luggage, shoes and packing aids that will enhance my minimalist packing. I don't just take less of what I already own; I shop for that shirt, pants, sweater, pair of shoes, etc, that can be used in multiple settings. It is an ongoing endeavor to build this packable wardrobe. It always needs to be rethought and replenished. The same goes for luggage and packing aids. I might add that I don't spend much money on all this, but I constantly have my eye out for that right thing.

2. I have more luggage than I need because just the right suitcase is an evolving concept. I need to have a yard sale for luggage! I recently posted that my Freedom Bag has been replaced in favor by a hanging toiletries organizer. I experiment with the best way to pack. I use the wasted space where the wheel carriage of my rolling bag resides to hold rolled socks and underwear.

(I also use packing organizers like Eagle Creek envelopes and pill organizers.)

3. It takes longer to pack, because more careful decisions go into the process. I also pack with tissue to keep things fresh and prevent wrinkles.

4. I carry a tiny laundry kit that includes travel wash, an inflatable hanger, and wrinkle spray. I find the last to be indispensable. I rinse out things and wear them again and again, thus two nightgowns serve me on an extended trip.

5. Guidebooks: I photocopy pages that I want to have with me. I also print out a lot from the Zine and other sources. Everything goes into a folder that slips into the front zipper section of my latest favorite rolling carry on.

Hope this helps, Debbie in Pittsburgh