Subject: RE: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.

So many Ziners have great tips on packing less, you'll get good feedback!

Years ago, a friend (who I always have suspected as being a former spy) told me one of his favorite tricks was to stop at a used clothing store upon arrival in a foreign country. He would wander off to the most bizarre places with a very small carryon & plan to buy used items which he would abandon upon departure. I actually have adopted this scheme as well! And when I left Cuba after a visit, I left every single piece of my clothing except what was on my back with new friends there.

Books are a problem, tho. One plan is to pool the leisure books among or between travel partners, sharing them out after reading & leaving them at the last stop. For travel books, I copy out the pages we'll use, bind them with my handy little comb binder (you could have Kinko's do it as well), &scribble in the margins, using it for my journal.

Gail In Eugene