Subject: Re: Packing Light
Tom, I like Travelsmith and L.L. Bean too. Like Debbie, I'm now shopping with travel in mind. I bought the Travelsmith black travel dress, mid-calf length, and it was great on our trip to Paris. I brought nothing but 3 pair of black pants, a black skirt, the black travel dress, 2 black cotton cardigans, and several tops in different colors. I carried black dressier flats. I had plenty of clothes for a week, but I still haven't managed to get all of this into a carry-on. I'm working on it :-) One of the best tips I've gotten from the Travelzine was to use the large zip lock bags and press the air of it before packing -- I think the credit goes to Linda?


MODERATOR'S NOTE: Well, yes, but I also suggested the clear plastic, zippered bags that new sheets and pillow cases come packaged in.