Subject: Re: Pittsburg airport to Deep creek MD
Dear Don

I got these directions off the Garrett County Maryland website. I wish I had saved it, but I did a search on for Deep Creek Lake Maryland, and it led me to the site, and these directions:

Directions from Pittsburgh

Take 79S to Morgantown Get on 68 East toward Cumberland MD Take 1st exit in MD (Friendsville #4) Take 42 until it merges with 219S

(For people in the South Hills it may be quicker to take 51 into Uniontown and grab 40 East to 281 then to 42. This can be little tricky, but once you know the way it can cut out some of the distance)

You might remember that I suggested going through Uniontown. Well, I think I was wrong. I do live in a southern neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and so I have always gone to Deep Creek Lake via Route 51 and Uniontown.

That said, I think you should follow the directions from the website. Perhaps this will help you as you leave Pittsburgh International Airport:

PTT is a very easy airport to negotiate. Rental cars are next to baggage claim, and then there is just one way out of the airport once you are in the car. Follow the signs towards PITTSBURGH. As you go along, you will soon see signs for ROUTE 79 SOUTH. This is about 10 miles from the airport on the road toward Pittsburgh. Pick up 79 South (it will be a right lane exit) from the road that led you out of the Airport toward Pittsburgh. Follow the above directions from there.

It is sometimes hard to find particular streets or houses in Deep Creek, so take good directions with you for your arrival.

I tried Mapquest and Maps On Us for these directions and got horrible, misleading driving directions. Mapquest suggested a route that was impossible to follow. Be warned!

Debbie in Pittburgh