Subject: Re: Travel Light??? Doesn't seem possible.
Dear Leslie, I, too, carry too much but am working on taking less. Debbie mentioned using the space where the wheel carriage is. I also fill this up. Then I place a light cardboard piece, the size of the suitcase on top of that to give a smooth bottom for the rest of the clothes. We've used the plastic laundry covers on our last trips, but I am wondering how practical that will be since check-in luggage may get opened. I'm going to try rolling some clothing and use the zip-lock bags as well to save space.(We leave in a month.) I have typed up notes on lots of travel books checked out of the library and photocopied a few pages. I'm in the process of taking those papers with the most information and adding comments that are different found in other commentaries. Hopefully this will cut down on information I need to take with me. I also tear out pages from my own travel guides and just take the section I need. Regards, Carollyn