Subject: Re: Weighty guidebooks (was Packing light)
On the weight of guidebooks issue, I think e-books are still some way off being universally useful. However, more and more people have Palm Pilots (or equiv.), me included (thanks to winning my only ever raffle, good way to start winning eh?).

So - there are Palm downloads of tourist information for many major cities (all US cities). My last trip to NYC I took two small guidebooks, and my Palm with Vindigo's New York directory uploaded. I used Vindigo more than the guidebooks for restaurants etc. It lists from Zagat, so it is pretty comprehensive.

I also keep all vital information: passport nos, flight info., credit card cancel nos. etc. on the Palm. The battery life is long - 3-4 weeks at normal usage before recharging, and they are pretty indestructable.

In addition to that, like most people I collate information. For our trip last year to Vancouver Island I spent ages surfing the web and creating a folder replete with maps, text, info, phone nos. - and thanks to Powerpoint (would be even easier with a proper design package) turned it into a 24 page double-sided A4 pack that I bound in a clear plastic cover. Went in my daypack no problem.

Like packing light, these things do sadly take a lot of planning. But can be worth it.

Jonathan (with no commercial affiliation to Palm)

Jonathan Turton